How to Remove Your iCloud Account/Activation Lock

How To Remove Your iCloud Account

    1. Firstly, got to the Settings App on your device and tap your name at the top.
    2. Now scroll down to the bottom until you see the Sign Out option, displayed in red.
    3. Click Sign Out and you will then need to enter your password that is linked with your Apple ID.
    4. After you have entered your password, click the Turn Off option. After that, do not keep a copy of any information on your iPhone and then click Sign Out.
    5. A confirmation message will appear to ensure you want to remove iCloud, click Sign Out.
    6. Following the above steps should remove your iCloud account from your iPhone/iPad.

    How To Remove An Activation Lock

    Sometimes, devices can be factory reset but the icloud account will still be active. When this happens, an Activation Lock is placed on the item.

    This should be checked even if you have logged out of your icloud account as a factory reset doesn't always remove the icloud account.

    When your phone is in the set up phase, it will display the word 'Hello' in various languages on the main display. All you need to do is continue to set up the device until you get to the stage that requires you to connect to a WiFi network. Connect to a WiFi network .

    If there is no Activation Lock, then it will display a page that is titled 'Data & Privacy'

    If the Activation Lock is present then it will display the page detailed in the image to the right of this page. All you need to do is log back in and continue to set up the phone until you get to the 'Apps & Data' page.

    Click "Don't Transfer Apps & Data" - Then click the blue line that says "Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID"

    Continue to set up the phone until there are no more steps