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How long is my quote valid for?
Will there be any deductions when my device is evaluated or will I get the quote stated?
I have received my new evaluation but I would like my device back - what do I do?
I have filled out some of my details wrong, how do I change them?
How do you process my device?
How do I check the status of my order?
How long will it take for you to receive my device?
Will I be kept up to date?
Sending Your Device
How do I safely send my device in to you?
What should I include in my parcel?
Should I send my phone's box, case & accessories? Will I get a better quote?
Can I sell an item in person?
Do my items need to be sent in a good condition?
Is there anything else I should do to the device before sending it in?
I don't have a printer?
Device Conditions
What is an 'Average' condition console?
What is an 'Unboxed' condition console?
What is a 'Boxed' condition console?
What is a "Pristine" condition device?
What is a "Good" condition device?
What is a "Average" condition device?
What is a "Faulty" condition device?
How long until I get my voucher?
Can I gift my Voucher to someone else?
How do I use my BSE Vouchers?
It seems that I have been paid, but the amount isn't the same as when I booked the order. What is happening?
It's been more than 24 hours and I have yet to get paid after I received the automated confirmation email. What is happening?
I have filled out my bank details wrong, what can I do?
How long does payment take?
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